Center Policies


I am so happy to welcome you to Yellow House Music Together! Please take a moment to review the center policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pyper Von Normann, Center Director, by phone at (661) 979-0157 or at


PARTICIPATION: In this class it is very important for the adults to participate! The children learn their attitudes and motivations from you, and you can help them become enthusiastic music-makers just by enjoying the class and participating fully. You will be an excellent model regardless of your musical ability —a sense of fun is all that is required. Support our music-making by limiting the amount of talking you do to your children and other adults during class. It is difficult for a young child (and your teacher) to tune out adult conversation so please wait until after class to socialize.

YOUR CHILD: Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through play, and even the most well-meaning adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. Allow your child to experience the class in his or her own unique way… whether it’s by moving constantly, sitting and staring, tasting the instruments rather than playing them, etc. Each child is busily processing the musical information, even if it is not apparent during class activities. Trust this process, relax, and let your child be, and you will begin to see new musical behaviors emerging as the semester progresses.

TIMELINESS: This class begins and ends on time, and it is important for you to be prompt. It is often very difficult for a child to enter a class already in session. Please make a point to be here for the Hello Song, so your child feels properly welcomed.

HEALTH POLICY: As a courtesy to each other please do not bring children with a cough/cold/illness that is contagious. If you are not sure if your child is contagious, please err on the side of caution and stay at home. As an important line of defense for you and your child, please wash your hands and those of your child before and after class. At this stage of development it is expected that children will put toys and props in their mouth. This is ok, however, please keep track of what goes in the mouth, and when that activity is finished, put the object to wet box so that it can be property disinfected after class.

SAFETY: The parent assumes all safety and behavioral responsibility at all times for your child. Please be attentive to them. Children must be directly supervised outside of the classroom area at all times. If you your child is distressed, please take them to a quite place and give them time to calm down and return to class.

ABSENCES & MAKE-UPS: Each child is allowed two makeup classes per semester. These make-ups are to be used within the semester in which they are earned. Make-up classes are not accumulative. Make-ups can only be used by the registered student. They cannot be transferred to a friend or sibling. 

FOOD & TOYS: I prefer to keep our 45 minutes together as musical as possible. No toys please. If your child wants a snack, please take them outside the circle to avoid inspiring other young snackers. Please be courteous to keep the room clean.

CELL PHONES, PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Please put cell phones on vibrate during your class. These classes are participatory, educational experiences and I ask our families to refrain from texting. Occasional photos and videos are ok, but please check with your classmates before posting photos to social media.

GUEST POLICY: There is never a charge for visiting adults! Young siblings may attend once free of charge; thereafter there is a $15.00 guest fee. The guest fee always applies to visiting children who are non-family members. Please contact me if you will be bringing another child, as space may be limited.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The registration deadline is one week prior to the start of classes. Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

LATE REGISTRATIONS: Families will not be admitted into the Music Together® program after week 3 of the semester. This is our policy because families do not get the full musical benefit of the program, the valuable repetition, nor the parent education information that is available with a complete semester.

REFUNDS AND CREDIT: UPDATED FOR COVID -19: In the event of a natural disaster, inclement weather, or community crisis requiring the cancellation of our live classes, we will make every attempt to offer additional classes, semester extensions or reasonable alternatives, including online classes. There will be no refunds offered if live classes need to be cancelled due to local community shutdowns/quarantines. We will not offer refunds or credits for classes that are cancelled due to reasons beyond our control. If a family withdraws before the semester begins, we will issue a credit toward a future Music Together session for exceptional circumstances. Individual missed classes can be made up online or outdoors. There will be no refunds or credits offered for individual missed classes.