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Our Music Together® classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. In your Music Together class, every week you’ll sing, play, dance, and jam along with your child and other families. Just by joining in the fun you can make a huge difference in your children’s music development. That’s because children learn through experimentation and the model of the grownups they love: YOU! Regardless of your music ability, before you know it you’ll be sharing movement and lyric ideas, making silly sounds, and singing along.

Since 1987, Music Together has introduced millions of children, parents, and caregivers to the joys of making music. Our research-based curriculum is now taught in more than 2500 locations around the world, including right here in the Bakersfield area at Yellow House Music Together.

Join our Music Together community and nurture your child’s music skill, creativity, self-expression, confidence, and overall development. Check it out for yourself by visiting a class. Come see what parents around the globe have been raving about for decades!



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Join us for the TRIANGLE Collection this SPRING, beginning March 22, 2021 - ONLINE & OUTDOOR classes NOW at the beautiful Kern County Museum! 



I will be offering the spring TRIANGLE session via ZOOM, as well as OUTDOORS. Space is limited! 

The online classes that began in the spring have provided a wonderful opportunity for families to learn what it REALLY looks like to make music at home.
The rich musical experience and the way the program is taught has remained the same. Changing platforms without stopping the train, if you will. We like to sing about trains a lot in Music Together classes!! 

Spring "TRIANGLE" ONLINE (Mixed-Age, birth through 5)

3/24/21 - 5/26/21
10 wks of musical fun!!

If you are interested in joining us for ONLINE classes this spring register HERE

Spring "TRIANGLE" OUTDOOR (Mixed-Age, birth through 5)

3/24/21 - 5/27/21
10 wks of musical fun!!

If you are interested in joining us for OUTDOOR classes this spring register HERE

Spring Rhythm Kids "JAGUAR" ONLINE (Big Kids, K - 2nd)
3/26/21 - 5/26/21
10 wks of musical fun!!

If you are interested in joining us for RK ONLINE classes this spring register HERE

Rhythm Kids by Music Together® 

Two children playing drums in a Rhythm Kids class

Classes for Big Kids 4–8 Years Old

Kids know what they like. Telling silly stories. Playing games. Being in charge. Designed specifically for pre-K and early elementary students, our active Rhythm Kids classes tap into how children this age are wired to learn, with music games, animal rhythm stories, and lots of stomping-flying-climbing fun.

Rhythm Kids is just the thing to get your child to (willingly) put down the iPad and start making music with their friends. By the end of the semester, they’ll be proud to show off what they’ve learned: to you, their friends and teachers, and—let’s face it—for some kids, every person they meet!

Rhythm Kids Classes

In each weekly music class, we drum, sing, move, and play to rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world, from West African Gahu, to Japanese Taiko, to Brazilian Samba, just to name a few.

Students learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct as they play—and play with!—a variety of musical instruments: West African djembe drums, percussion instruments, and, the most important instruments of all, their voices and their bodies. As your child learns to think and create like a musician, they’ll also build musical connections to the global community. Classes include:

  • immersion in the musical language of many cultures
  • playful music games with rules
  • opportunities to lead, balanced with opportunities to collaborate
  • deep exposure to complex, fun, and rockin' music
  • many chances to solo, improvise, and work in ensembles
  • rich, creative experimentation and expression, improvisation, and innovation

Two types of Rhythm Kids classes are available: Level 1 for four- and five-year-olds in Pre-K, and Level 2 for kindergarteners, first-graders, and second-graders.



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